Hygge for one

I exaggerate a shiver as I snuggle further beneath the safety of my duvet. I wiggle my toes and stretch them towards the now cooling water bottle. No matter what work-related crisis I’ve had to endure or when the constant barrage of media peddled bad news I’ve consumed gets too much, I always find refuge here, my self-created world of calm and comfort. I inhale deeply as the sweet aroma of a now blown-out candle drifts towards me and creates a fragrant and spicy warmth in the room.

I feel the world and my breathing slow down. No-one can hurt me here, I feel protected. The heaviness of the layers comfort me, and I feel the stresses of the day start to melt away. As I yawn and close my eyes my journey start and I ease into a night of tranquil and dream-filled sleep.

woman covered in white blanket lying on bed

Photo by Elvira Gibadullina on Pexels.com

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