A gift of shimmering snowflakes

“Calm down,” I hear David trying to bring a sense of serenity to Christmas morning, knowing he was regretting downing the left-for-Santa sherry after all the Guinness he’d drunk last night. I heard him sigh; the children were in frenzy of excitement by the time they were allowed downstairs to see what Santa Claus had brought them.  I could hear the squeals as they ripped open the brightly wrapped parcels, ignoring the bows and tags wishing them a Merry Christmas. The initial outburst was soon followed by their bright high-pitched voices expressing thanks for their gifts and demands to David to open packaging. I bring two cups of hot tea into the room and pass one to David before I flop onto the sofa.

“You Mummy,” Jessie grabs a small parcel with her chubby hands and thrusts it in my face. “Thank you,” I say, then kiss her lightly on her forehead inhaling her baby scent. The small box is wrapped in a beautiful duck egg blue paper which has tiny shimmering snowflakes printed on it. I discard the paper and open a velvet covered jewellery box. “Wow, thanks David,” I lean over to kiss him “You’ve must have gone over budget though,” I say admiring the plush diamond earrings, they sparkle creating a rainbow of colours as the flashing Christmas tree lights catch them. “I didn’t get you those,” he looks confused as he peers into the box. “Who did then?” I pick up the discarded wrap trying to find the label, smiling to myself and thinking he’s bought an extra gift and he’s having me on. I pick up the label.

“Laura, I’ve never forgotten about you and never stopped loving you. Lets try again?”  My stomach lurches as I look up at David’s ashen face, we both know who is about to come crashing back into our lives.

gift box surrounded by grey baubles

Photo by Amy Texter on Pexels.com


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