I’m not a violent person

I’ve never hit anyone before, not even as a child, not playfighting or in childish frustrated anger. If you were to ask any of my family, friends, or colleagues they’d say, ‘Heather wouldn’t hurt a fly, she’s too soft.’

I’m now sat waiting alone in a cold sterile office, it’s serenely quiet. The only noise is my own breathing, in and out, in and out, it’s remarkably calm and relaxed considering. I glance at the wall clock, it’s stopped. I don’t know how long I’ve been sat here, I remember hearing ‘give her time to cool off’ following the commotion. I roll my eyes, not that anyone is here to appreciate the gesture.

I shuffle to get more comfortable in the plastic office chair.

The corners of my mouth start to twitch. I am well aware I have consequences to face but the glee rising within me is reflected on my face. I can feel the giggles start bubbling as I recall the moment, I calmly picked up a full and heavy lever arch folder and slammed it straight into my boss’s face. Years and years of pent up anger and resentment climaxing in one almighty slog. Upon impact time slowed down as he desperately tried to control his facial expression, his eyes rolling and his mouth agape. The force knocked him off his feet and watching his arms thrashing about desperately trying to control his balance was worth whatever consequences are ahead.

I continue to smirk. As the door opens, I lose control and my chortle escapes filling the emptiness of the room.

The two pairs of eyes with pained expressions look at me, the concern their eyes convey does nothing to end my now almost hysterical laughter.

Best day of my life ever.

mad formal executive man yelling at camera

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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