RSVP my delicious plan for revenge

The wedding invitation had arrived early in the new year, the swirling rose-gold words inviting me to join Craig and his future wife for their planned nuptials in July. I immediately accepted only to change my mind the next day, this continued all spring and well into summer, my mood as changeable as the weather in the sleepy coastal town I called home.

The morning of the wedding the sun was warm with clear blue skies, the perfect day for a wedding, a wedding I wasn’t ready for. I was plagued with doubt about my lack of a plus-one, despite knowing most of the wedding party, it made this cleaner though. Unfortunately, this included the blushing bride, all knew about my relationship with Craig and witnessed our car crash of an ending.

I’d spent a couple of hours getting battle ready. My hair immaculate, my make-up was flawless and the dress I’d spent the best part of a month’s salary on fitted perfectly, clinging to the curves Craig used to desire.

My plan was to turn up at the church, look stunning and then sashay from group to group charming all Craig’s family and friends. Enough to un-nerve him and his blushing bride. I’d make them regret inviting me to this circus.

My target was Craig’s brother, there had always been tension between the brothers with Simon being the golden boy, out-doing Craig at every turn. Last time Simon was in the UK, back from wherever he was saving the world as Doctor Amazing, he’d spent the night with me. He’d been in touch as soon as his plane landed to enquire if I was going to the wedding, suggesting a secretive hook up whilst he was home. I’d deliberately not answered so he’d seek me out, he was desperate for Craig not to know as well which made my plan for revenge even more delicious. I’d wait until he’d had a few drinks, then strike. I’d bewitch him. I’d be a little over familiar, strategically placing my hands on him to raise suspicion and dance too close. Pressing against him, never taking my eyes off him. Once we’d raised interest in our antics, I’ll kiss him, not just a peck, a real kiss, a kiss he can’t say no to because he’s knows what’s on offer. Then I’ll suggest we leave, making sure the wedding party witness Craig’s older brother leaving Craig’s perfect wedding with Craig’s ex-fiancé.

My stomach lurches as the doorbell rings, my taxi is here.

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