Novel extract #1 – the first argument

I slammed the bedroom door and stood on the landing, unsure where to head to find some sanctuary, Vanessa would be downstairs, and Jim would need the bathroom to shower and get ready for work.

With adrenaline still pumping through my veins I stomped down the stairs, I was not going to let anyone make me feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Vanessa was sat at the kitchen table, “Oh it’s you.” She looked down, her attention returning to the trashy magazine she’d been flicking through. “Sorry I interrupted your little session,” she smirked and looked at me waiting for me to flush with embarrassment.

“Oh sod off Vanessa,” I said bravely, not stopping, I headed straight for the kitchen. I placed both my hands-on top of the nearest countertop, my breathing heavy. Every cell in my body hoping she doesn’t follow me; I wasn’t built for confrontation. After a few minutes I decided I was safe and flicked the kettle on after grabbing two mugs out of the cupboard. I close my eyes and concentrate on breathing deeply as I wait for the tea to brew. After adding splashes of milk, I collect the mugs and draw myself up, taking a deep breath before I venture back out into the dining room.

As I enter the room she turns and looked in my direction “You should think about getting a lock on that door Annie,” again smirking, “save any future embarrassment.”

I stopped, galled by her nerve. “There won’t be any future embarrassments, we want you out by tonight,” I snapped.

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